tooie's sketchbooks!

I was into flight rising for about a month until it took too long for pages to load on my computer. Snappers are my favorite.

Poor Mimi was having a bad day.

(from my instagram, & sorry the picture is blurry but I wanted to share)

Here we go! These are my sketchbooks. All of them. There are exactly 110 sketchbooks in this picture (119 if you count the ones I made on the top but those are not for me to draw in). I officially started keeping a sketchbook in 2001. They are all in order (1-69). The ones in the 2nd bottom cube from the left are future sketchbooks 71-78, the next cube is misc sketchbooks I’ve started. Journals, comics, etc. The bottom right cube is all sketchbooks that I had to keep for art classes. I love them all!Don’t ever stop creating!


(late) birthday present for tooiebird <3


Hey! SO yesterday was my birthday (yay!) So here is a bonus post for the month.

Also, a reminder that I have an Instagram where I post pics of my pets and sometimes food. But more importantly pics of the sketchbooks that I make and even pics of stuff from my current sketchbook!! :)


17 Secret Herbs & Spices of Illustration

Earlier this month I had the honor of doing a short talk at ICON8, an illustration conference (which was amazing).

I love doing talks. My creative struggling feels less in vain when I can share it with others, and if it helps other’s in their struggles, then all the better!

Since my talk was so short, I’ve decided to write longer versions of my points, to elaborate the points further, for your reading pleasure.

Read the rest on my blog.

I have two small handbound sketchbooks for sale in my shop!! (Soon to be more but I’m still editing those photos)

Check it out!

I cut off my dreads once I hit the 10 year mark. (I still miss having them :c)

That Chives tho. What a hunky dragon <3

I love Baccus the party walf

Just a heads up that I’ll be posting on FA again. I don’t have much to post at the moment, but I will only be posting cropped pictures from now on. Full versions can be found on my weasyl.

I have two accounts on FA: - for art and general updates - for sketchbooks I have made

((these got slightly out of order))

Any of you guys want to buy some snail babs? $5 each

(this is my attempt at making adopts. I think they’re pretty cute. I call them Dawdlers. I plan on making lots more :3)